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Please be sure to send in any JAG waves you'd like me to post on the website! I would like to add my own, but I just don't have time! I would greatly appreciate any and all entries, and will post them to the site along with your name. Also, screen caps from the TV GUIDE AWARDS would be great if someone would pass some on!

David James Elliott ('Holiday Affair', 'Melrose Place', 'Seinfeld', to name a few) stars as Lt. Cdr. Harmon Rabb, Jr., a handsome, young Navy lawyer in the JAG (Judge Advocate General) corps, the military's version of investigator, prosecutor and defense attorney.

From his home base in Washington, D.C., Rabb investigates everything from plane crashes to murder, within the military. (The JAG headquarters is in Falls Church, VA).
Catherine Bell co-stars as Major Sarah MacKenzie, a by-the-book Marine Corps JAG officer and Rabb's partner. (She replaced Tracy Needham's character 'Meg Austin' in Season 2)

Also starring is John M. Jackson, who plays the tough as nails Admiral A.J. Chegwidden, and Patrick Labyorteaux, as Harm's aide Lt. "Bud" Roberts. (You may remember him on 'Little House on the Prairie')
Recent additions to the cast include a Gunny Sgt, and Commander Mic Brumby, an Australian who came to work in the U.S. for last season (1998-1999) He has a recurring role as Mac's "significant other", as well as a thorn in Rabb's side. (ha ha)

JAG was cancelled by NBC, but then moved to CBS. Thanks to CBS for keeping it going! =)

Please send me any pics/screen caps you have of the TV GUIDE awards, and David in his TUX! :-) Also, looking for some JAG sounds to add to the JAG sounds page!
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