{\rtf1\ansi\deff0 {\fonttbl{\f0\fswiss Tahoma;}} {\brdrb\brdrs\brdrw60\brsp20\ql\fs36\b Across\par} \par \pard\qj\fi-450\li450\tx450\fs20 2.\tab Cheg's first name\par 5.\tab Place Mac and Harm do their best work\par 6.\tab Married to Bud\par 7.\tab Harm's the second of these\par 8.\tab The one who gives the orders to Mac and Harm\par 10.\tab JAG has one\par 11.\tab Channel which carries JAG\par 14.\tab Mac is a tough one!\par 16.\tab The nights you usually will find a JAG episode (plural)\par 18.\tab Someone who is this is not often proven to be\par 19.\tab A place that has 'pull' on the JAG core\par \par{\brdrb\brdrs\brdrw60\brsp20\ql\fs36\b Down\par} \par \pard\qj\fi-450\li450\tx450\fs20 1.\tab The person with the best damn JAG pages!\par 3.\tab Harm often refers to him as something else\par 4.\tab Harm is one\par 9.\tab Someone who is this needs to be represented\par 12.\tab A place where someone is judged\par 13.\tab Harm is a member of this Military Branch\par 15.\tab A friend of Mac and Harm's who is also a lawyer\par 17.\tab Sometimes a character can be found on these\par 18.\tab Recently left the show\par 20.\tab Cheg was/is one in his militart career\par \par }
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